The First Sonic Electric Toothbrush use Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy material
Release time:2019-11-26 09:47:03

In year 2019, September, Neocre has lunch new product - Sonic Electric Toothbrush use Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy material, 

We believed it's the first one to use this materials which will let the Sonic Toothbrush with:

Textured Appearance

- The First Toothbrush to use Aluminum-Magnesium Material

- Only for You who Pursuit of Genuine Quality of Life


An Artwork

- Fitting into your hand- Ergonomic design with Non-slip Holding

- Dirt Resistant

- Fadeless Charmful Color


Unique Brush Head

- Healthy Head - Non-Copper Planting with America Dupont Bristles Prevent Bacterium Breeding

- 2 x Higher Density Soft Bristles than Normal Toothbrush Heads - More efficient for removing plaque


- Dentists Recommend Shaping - Fitting Teeth Gently and Effectively;


Smart Design

- 2 Minutes Brushing Smart Timer for 4 areas of your Teeth

- America Dupont bristles Design with Replacement Smart Reminder

- 4 Brushing Clean Modes (Cleaning mode, Sensitive mode, Whitening mode, Polish Mode).