Just-for-kids Sonic Toothbrush

Strength & Highlight【Safest Material for Kids】Ø PP Food-grade Toothbrushes Bar and Toothbrush Heads‘ Bristles by Ame

Strength & Highlight

Safest Material for Kids】

Ø PP Food-grade Toothbrushes Bar and Toothbrush Heads' Bristles by America Original Dupont Material Which is Safest Materials for Kids ;   

Ø Non-Copper Bristles Planting means Zero Metal rusting and Prevent Bacterium Breeding, it's safest for Kids;


Kids Loved Design】

Let your Kids begin to like Brushing their Teeth, We have Unique Design:  

Ø Kids Loved Cartoon Stickers - Kids will like what they Choose;

Ø Small&Light Size - Easy for Kids to Hold in their Small Hand;

Ø Special Soft Toothbrush Heads Designed for Kids' Teeth - Fitting Teeth Gently and Effectively.

Ø Low Noise, kids don’t scare, parents don’t worry


Kids Healthy Function】

Ø We Set the Dentists Recommended Just-for-Kids' Brushing Movement Speed and Well-controlled Vibration Range to protect Kids' gums while removing plaques and stains effectively and Gently

Ø Just-for-Kids' Heads, Keep children away from tooth decay.


Smart Design for Kids】

Ø Help Kids to have a good Habit - 2 Minutes Brushing Smart Timer for 4 areas of their Teeth (Remind kids brushing next Teeth area in every 30 seconds);

Ø 3 Brushing Clean Modes for Kids and Smart Memory of the Last Brushing Mode;


Easy and Fitting for Kids】

Ø Lower Noise and Low Vibration - easier for Kids' use; Wireless Charging more safety precaution for Kids;

Ø Up to 25 Days Long Battery Duration; IPX7 100% Waterproof enable Use during Bath or Shower;

Ø Our Special Toothbrush Heads Designed for Kids' Teeth Shaping perfectly;