6 in 1 Travel Kit Toothbrush

Strength & Highlight【6 Function in 1 】Ø Oral cleaning, UV sterilization, Drying, Portable, Rinse cup, Wireless charging…

Strength & Highlight

6 Function in 1 】

Ø Oral cleaning, UV sterilization, Drying, Portable, Rinse cup, Wireless charging…

Ø Small and Compact Design, easy to carry,

Ø Your Best Choice using wherever at Home or Travel. Buy one for all purposes.


Unique Head】

Ø Non-Copper Planting with Germany Hahl-pedex Tynex Nylon Bristles - Prevent Bacterium Breeding;  

Ø 2 x Higher Density Soft Bristles than Normal Toothbrush Heads - More efficient for removing plaque;

Ø Dentists Recommend Shaping - Fitting Teeth Gently and Effectively;


Design for Health】

Ø 31000 brush movement/mins and Well-controlled Vibration Range  - Which is a Dentists Recommend to Avoid damaging your gums and remove plaques and stains effectively;

Ø 99.7% Harmful Bacteria Killed by UV Disinfection in 15 Minutes;

Ø PP Food-grade toothbrushes bar which could be trusted to put into your mouth.

Smart Function】

Ø 2 Minutes Brushing Smart Timer for 4 areas of your Teeth (Remind you brushing next Teeth area every 30 seconds);

Ø Hahl-pedex bristles Design with Replacement Smart Reminder (The middle green bristles become lighter to let you know it's time to replace brush head).

Ø 3 Brushing Clean Modes (Cleaning mode, Sensitive mode, Whitening mode).


Convenient and Fitting 】

Ø Lower Noise Design Avoid Wake up Others;

Ø 30 Days Long Battery Duration;

Ø IPX7 100% Waterproof enable Use during Bath or Shower;

Ø Ergonomic design with Non-slip Holding, Dirt Resistant and Fadeless Color.